Our Team

The Jax Team started with family when siblings Kimberly (think cowboy hats with a tireless joie de vivre) and Trent Jackson (think “Godfather” but always with a smile) saw great potential in their “green thumb” father’s (David) Calistoga vineyard.  David (the family patriarch who loves dogs and tinkering in the vineyard with gin and tonic in hand) followed his lifelong dream to own a vineyard.  Jane (the artist with a keen eye for design and style) always weighs in on our endless aesthetic decisions.    In 2012, we recruited talented industry veteran Dan Parrott (even keel, laser focused and an operational guru) who currently serves as CEO.   Our hospitality and wine club manager, Kat Milano (friendly, calm, and always “on it”) treats our guests and wine club members like the royal family.  Kirk Venge (aka jetsetting spear fisherman), our third generation winemaker constantly astounds us by crafting complex napa valley wines from bud break on the vine through the barrel.  Our tasting room team is always committed to educating our guests about the Jax portfolio and napa valley wines in general while treating our guests like family.

  1. Kimberly Jackson Wickam

  2. Trent Jackson

  3. Dan Parrott

  4. David Jackson

  5. Jane Jackson

  6. Kirk Venge

  7. Reeny Petit

  8. Tasting Room Staff

  9. Future Executive Team

  10. Reef Jackson

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